Lil Katt #537 AKA Katarina Muti
Woman, Amateur, 25y
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Hi my name is Lil Kat. I am a professional porn actress and cosplayer. And here are the reasons why you should follow my content.
1.I have an amazing body. At 158 cm (59.84 inch) height I have a boobs size DD and big gorgeous ass.
2. I have a natural sweet and kawaii voice like in anime.
3. I have been doing what I love for many years, so you will never see fake and ridiculous acting in my videos, only real emotions and vivid orgasms.
4. You will never be bored, because I, like a mirage, constantly change images, characters and plots. Today I am a lustful forest elf, and tomorrow Lara Croft or a mad sex-android. I can make any of your fantasies come true.